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Day in the Life: Sofia Meadway, Senior Marketing Manager, Insights and Innovation

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January 30, 2024 | 6 min read

Sofia, our senior marketing manager, takes us through a typical day in her life in ʪƵ’s Boston office.

ʪƵ’s Day in the Life series dives into the various people and teams that make up the world’s largest independent sell-side ad company.

How would you explain what you do to someone outside the industry?

I manage the sales enablement function of the global Insights and Innovation team under the marketing department. I focus on creating sales collateral, including pitch decks, case studies, one-pagers, inventory highlights, and other relevant marketing material that communicates the benefits of working with ʪƵ. I work closely with our Demand Facilitation team, who hold the relationships with our advertiser and agency clients, to ensure we incorporate ʪƵ’s brand, messaging, tone of voice, and story into all of the marketing material that we share with our clients. 

How did you first break into ad tech?

I have a degree in communications and media writing, but I fell into ad tech by accident! I was living in London at the time and working in marketing at a digital tech publishing company.

I was keen to get into the digital advertising space, and a good friend of mine pointed me to a role at Rubicon Project (now part of ʪƵ). I was hired to oversee marketing for the UK and Nordic regions, pushing events, content marketing, PR, and sales enablement efforts. I was quickly able to meet and network with a lot of people through the various events and sponsorships that I managed – which, in turn, helped me to grow my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for the ad tech industry.

My experience working across international markets has molded me into the marketer that I am today. I consider myself an ally to the sales team – digging deep into the needs and pain points of our clients while also developing strategic marketing material that adheres to our brand, company culture, and wider business goals.

From header bidding to streaming TV, it’s been quite the journey seeing the industry – and ʪƵ – grow into what it is today, and I’m truly excited to be a part of it! 

How does your department/team help support ʪƵ/ʪƵ’s clients as a whole? What other departments do you facilitate the most?

Marketing is an essential component of any organization, but at ʪƵ, the marketing team is hyper-focused on how we can help drive the business forward. We’re a tight-knit group dispersed across the globe, working closely with all teams across the organization, from sales to product, to help our business flourish and boost brand awareness.

Global marketing’s Insights and Innovation team spearheads internal research, develops sales enablement collateral, and creates client education-focused content that helps clients understand the benefits of ʪƵ’s products, solutions and the role that we play in the wider ad tech space. Essentially, we support the sales teams and other members of the organization with all of the content and material they need to bring ʪƵ to market. 

What does a typical day at ʪƵ look like for you?

My days always start with a strong coffee. Supporting the diverse needs of the buy-side team always keeps me on my toes!

Aside from caffeine, my days typically include a mix of internal meetings – whether it’s updating the sales reps on new marketing collateral, brainstorming with members of the international marketing team on how to localize our content, or giving a training session on our sales enablement tools. 

When I’m not in meetings, I’m either working with members of the Demand Facilitation team on a new pitch deck, drafting a one-pager on ʪƵ’s publisher supply across various topics such as DEI or sustainability, creating content for a new partnership announcement, planning the next tentpole event campaign or implementing our latest research into client-facing material.

Throughout the day I keep on top of trade publications to keep me informed of the latest industry news and trends.

Talk about a recent project that you’re proud of yourself/your team for accomplishing.

I’m exceptionally proud of the work my team has accomplished to launch our latest Global Streaming Research, which looks at the growth and opportunity of ad-supported streaming across the globe. 

This was a team effort and helped support the marketing team by providing content, insights, and speaking opportunities to fuel ʪƵ’s events, content marketing, social media efforts, and sales enablement collateral. In turn, the research also empowered both the demand-side and sell-side teams to engage in meaningful conversations with their clients and provide valuable insight into the state of the streaming market. 

During the research launch phase, my role was to act as project manager, ensuring that all team members were aware of crucial deadlines and that all materials were launched on schedule! I also ensured the quality of messaging across all of our marketing collateral, assets, and digital campaigns. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The collaboration! My role involves collaborating with different people and teams across the organization, from design to sales to product marketing, to help tell the ʪƵ story. I enjoy building relationships and connecting with different people to build marketing material. 

I also love that my role is creative – both from a design perspective and a writing perspective, letting me put my writing background to good use!

Do you have any advice for people looking to learn more about ad tech/your particular department?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Our industry is fun and dynamic, yet it changes very quickly. There are a lot of acronyms, jargon, and news to keep up with. Ask questions in the moment and take the opportunity to do your own research to stay ahead of the game. Also, networking is key – our industry loves events, and for good reason. You never know who you’ll bump into who can help you along your ad tech journey!

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