About Us

Connection is our calling. It’s yours, too.

Together, we power advertising that enables billions of people to stay informed, entertained, and connected. We introduce them to new ideas, products, and services that make their lives better. And we help media owners of all sizes realize their full potential.

That’s a lot — that’s the power of advertising. But it’s only possible with great technology. And that’s where ʪƵ comes in.

Since our very beginning, we’ve strived for the kind of innovation that brings people together — that means giving media owners the tools and guidance they need to thrive, and robust connections to the world’s top advertisers. We’re the only one operating at this scale that’s independent of the influence of a parent company and other self-serving conflicts of interest. At ʪƵ, our interest starts with what’s best for our clients, and what leads to long-lasting partnerships. So, what does that look like?

You can see it in our roots — how, over the years, we’ve continued to invent and assemble the kind of technology that can reach people wherever they are, however they’re watching. You’ll find it in our footprint across the globe, where we develop the most nuanced knowledge of different communities because we’re committed to having our people on the ground, working in them. And you’ll sense it every time you meet with a member of our team, who’s attuned to your needs and attentive anytime.

We’re real people you can be real with. An innovative, independent spirit that’s earned the industry’s trust. A partner who keeps you at the crest of the wave, not lost in the churn.

ʪƵ Timeline

Early 2015

Prebid founded

March 2017

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett appointed CEO of Rubicon Project

Fall 2018

Demand Manager launched

April 2020

Rubicon Project and Telaria merge

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