The Rise of Ad-Supported Streaming

An In-Depth Look at How Ads Are Powering Streaming TV in LATAM

Streaming TV is the future of television in LATAM. Over the past few years, streaming TV has seen tremendous growth and has entered a new phase of maturity where most internet-connected households are streaming, and much of the growth is coming from ad-supported viewership.

Markets include: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico – referred to collectively as ‘LATAM’ Percentages shown are an aggregate of LATAM (all markets) unless stated otherwise. Methodology updated on June 6, 2023 to correct a typo. Age of respondents changed from 16-74 to 18-74.

Ad-Supported Streaming Is Surging

Ad-supported streaming is surging and is now watched by 75% of internet-connected TV viewers and is expected to continue to grow, with many ad-free streamers saying that they plan to use a new ad-based streaming service in the next year.

71% of ad-free streamers said they will use a new ad-based subscription service in the next year.

Source: ʪƵ

Streamers Are Spending More Time Watching Ad-Supported Content

63% of ad-supported streamers are watching more streaming compared to last year, while only 7% are watching less. We also found that there is little difference in time spent streaming between those who watch programming with ads and those who only watch ad-free content.

Q: In an average week, how many hours of TV do you watch? Base: Watch only ad-supported streaming and only ad-free and no other TV; avg. weekly hours Source: ʪƵ

Streaming TV Ads Drive Action

Streaming TV is also a powerful vehicle for building brand trust and driving action. More than 8 in 10 ad-supported streamers trust the ads they see within TV environments and 40% indicated that they search for the product or services online after seeing it on TV.

Q: To what extent do you find the ads (including video ads) on the following platforms trustworthy? Q: When you see ads while watching TV, including streaming services, how often do you search online for an advertised product? Base: Ad-supported streamers Source: ʪƵ

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